Video: Illegal Immigrants Jumping Border Wall

During a live MSNBC report, a group of illegal immigrants jumped the US-Mexico border.

A reporter doing a story on the different prototypes of President Trump's border wall when an interview was interrupted as a group of people hopped over the existing fence.

As the scene unfolded, he says:

“Almost on cue, a group of asylum-seekers, migrants not from Mexico, jumped over the existing fence to turn themselves in to border agents on horseback.” 

The reporter asks the border patrol agent what was going on and he answers by saying it's just another day working at the border.

“This is the reality of every day border enforcement. The United States is still the draw, the ultimate draw, for people that have dire situations where they’re at...We’re going to continue to witness this. It plays out on a regular basis for us.”

To further prevent border hopping like this one, prototypes being built will stand at 30-feet-tall and four will be made of solid concrete, four made of steel and concrete and one topped with spikes.

Chief of the San Diego Border Patrol sector, Roy Villareal says the country just wants a better barrier, that is hard to get over.

“We’re hoping innovation from private industry combined with our experience generates the next evolution of border security infrastructure.”

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