French President’s Canine Marks Territory in Palace

French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog, Nemo, is usually a very good boy. But this weekend, he interrupted his owner’s meeting when the canine decided to mark his territory against a fireplace in the Elysee Palace.

Macron was meeting with government officials when the conversation was interrupted by the sound of the black Labrador-griffin mix urinating loudly, causing those in the room to turn and giggle.

In the footage for the channel TF1, three junior ministers are in Macron’s ornate office talking to the president about an inner-city investment. This was quickly interrupted by what sounded like a waterfall.

Brune Poirson, the Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, looked over at the two-year-old pooch and laughed. “I wondered what that noise was,” she said.

“He’s doing something quite exceptional,” Macron said, laughing.

Julien Denormandie, a junior minister, and long-term Macron aide asked the president if this was a usual occurrence. Macron said that “you have sparked a totally unusual behavior in my dog”.

According to ABC News, Nemo was adopted from a rescue center this summer by Macron and his wife, Brigitte. The couple paid less than $400 for the pup, hoping to continue the presidential tradition of having a “first dog”.

They named him after Captain Nemo, the hero of Jules Verne’s book “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

Previous first dogs have also done things to make their mark in the palace. Nicolas Sarkozy's canines reportedly caused thousands of euros of damage to valuable furniture in the palace.

Jacques Chirac's Maltese Bichon, Sumo, had a difficult time coping with returning to the normal life and had to undergo treatment for depression after biting his master three times The Guardian reported.

Nobody knows who ended up cleaning up the mess.

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