Orange County Health Care Agency Issues Emergency Declaration for Anaheim

Photo Credit: Getty Images

SANTA ANA (CNS) - The director of the Orange County Health Care Agency today issued an emergency declaration for the city of Anaheim so the city can obtain federal money to clean up debris from Canyon Fire 2.

``I am issuing this declaration to protect public health and safety of all Orange County residents affected by the Canyon Fire 2,'' said Dr. Eric Handler, who is also the county's health officer. ``Ash, debris and other hazardous substances from the fire pose a potential hazard to human health and the environment unless immediately addressed and mitigated.''

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer welcomed the move.

``The fire was incredibly destructive to Anaheim and other populated areas in addition to open space land,'' he said. ``We are responding quickly to remove debris in order to protect our citizens from any lingering hazards and prevent further damage to the local environment.''

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson agreed.

``We need to protect our community and environment from the debris resulting from the Canyon Fire 2,'' Nelson said. ``This declaration ensures we can immediately address the potential hazards quickly and safety.''

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