Iowa man kills his mom by hitting her over the head with an electric guitar

(Garret S. Selters - Burlington Police Department)

An Iowa man has been charged with murder for smashing a guitar over his mother's head during an "episode."

29-year-old Garret Selters, who's been charged with first degree murder, was arrested outside of the home he shared with his 56-year-old mother Linda.

On Tuesday morning, Linda called 911 to report that her son was having an "episode." Police say Selters smacked his mother over the head several times with an electric Les Paul guitar.

Les Pauls are heavy, so that must've been a brutal beating.

When cops got to the house, they found Selters pacing back and forth saying that he killed his mother.

Linda was taken to a hospital and placed on a respirator, but she died the same night. Neighbor Wayne Easley said he could hear Selters yelling "really loud" after the incident:

"I could hear him inside the residence yelling, 'I killed my mom. I killed my mom.'"

Easley said he had heard a lot of screaming coming from the home in the past, but though that Selters was "gentle as a lamb."

Selters has been given a $1 million bond. Click here to read more at the Daily Mail.

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