Want to Unplug? Tips to Take a Social Media Break

Are you sick of social media? Let's talk about some options!

USA Today conducted an extensive social media study in 14 countries and found that social media comparisons are likely to leave the user more depressed than when they do it in real life. There is a strategy and an etiquette to taking a break from social media.

You can completely quit OR give yourself limited access:

Decide how you plan to enact your break, are you going to go totally dark? You can also give yourself timed access, for an hour or so a day - whatever you're comfortable with.

It's probably a good idea to give your friends and followers a heads up so they don't worry about you. Explain that you're not going to be posting or seeing their posts and if you would like to be reached, give them a way to contact you.

Hang with people who are focused when you're together. You're not going to want to go to dinner or coffee and talk to someone who is speaking to you with half their brain on twitter or instagram.

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