Video: Lost Panda Ad Will Make You Cry

A new short film like ad by the tech company Tile will leave you teary eyed.

"Lost Panda" created by Deutsch and Smuggler director Mark Molloy tells the story of a lost toy named Ernie as he looks allover the world to find his owner.

Eventually he and the little girl are reunited thanks to Tile, a Bluetooth-enabled tracking system.

Deutsch executive creative director Guto Araki says the feeling after finding something you lost is unlike any other.

“But how could we tell that story so that the lost thing is compelling to everyone? That was the challenge. So, we realized that by transforming something into someone, we could end up with a beautiful love story.”

Tile works to help users find items attached to an accompanying dongle within a range 200 feet and the distance is greater than that, anonymous updates are generated as other Tile users come near your item.

Both heartfelt and useful!

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