Suspect smears feces on his face, halts jury selection

Travis Boys -  Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

(Travis Boys -  Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office)

Travis Boys is charged with killing a New Orleans police officer back in 2015. Jury selection was underway for his first-degree murder trial on Wednesday, when Boys stopped everything by rubbing feces all over his face, head, and mouth inside the courtroom.

The 35-year-old has pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity to the murder charge. Orleans Parish prosecutor Taylor Anthony was standing at the podium, questioning the day's second panel of possible jurors when the poo smearing happened.

Boys was sitting down and pulled out some poop wrapped in a napkin that he had inside of his suit pocket. Then, without a word, he began to rub the poop all over his face and head.

Criminal District Judge Karen Herman immediately stopped the proceedings and ordered a new competency evaluation for Boys.

In a previous hearing, two members of the court-appointed sanity commission determined that Boys suffered from no mental disease or defect that would prevent him from being able to stand trial.

Today the same mental health professionals will help determine whether or not the feces incident was a genuine psychotic episode, or just a stunt.

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