Man with vulgar face tattoo arrested for sexual assault

Christopher Wilson - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

(Christopher Wilson - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

An Ohio man with a lewd face tattoo on his forehead has been charged for committing a sex crime two years ago.

37-Christopher Wilson was arrested Saturday night and charged with sexual imposition and assault. The words "I'm a pornstar" are tattooed on his forehead, and are followed by another vulgar message which has been blurred out in his mug shot.

Wilson was charged for punching a woman and then kicking her to get on the ground back in 2015. He then groped the victim in her private parts.

A woman was able to identify creepy Wilson from a police lineup.

He's being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati with a bond of $50,000. His attorney has requested an evaluation to determine if Wilson is competent to stand trial.

There's probably a lot of stuff wrong with this guy.

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