Jerry Brown comes to Walnut to visit Josh Newman

Governor Jerry Brown took some time to come down to Walnut today to visit Senator Josh Newman. The two went to the Veterans Resource Center at Mt. San Antonio College. Here's what the phony press release read yesterday:

"WALNUT– Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. tomorrow will join Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), an Army veteran, to tour the Veterans Resource Center at Mt. San Antonio College, which connects returning servicemembers with education, housing, health care and employment services, as well as other resources and support to help ease the transition back into their communities. A media availability with students, veterans and other local leaders will follow the private tour."

We all know this visit was about the recall! KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck was there, and he was the only reporter to ask Newman and Brown about the recall. Can you believe that?! 

In Andrew's interview, Newman admits that there are probably not enough signatures rescinded from the recall petition.

So we have more than enough valid signatures, everything has been done correctly, why are the Democrats and state leaders dragging their feet still?

Let's get this recall done already!

Listen below to Andrew Mollenbeck's report:

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