State workers caught napping on the job, riding in limos, and more

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Snoozing on the job, riding around in limousines, and holding illegal raffles. That's what California employees are up to, according to a new state report.

A professor from UC Davis spent $996 for three limousine trips and racked up $197 of other improper travel reimbursements during two months in 2015.

A state Department of Industrial Relations employee, who didn't have enough work to keep him busy, could be heard snoring loudly at his work station. He was also photographed more than 20 times sleeping, texting and reading on his cell phone, and reclining his feet on the desk. His estimated 328 hours of "downtime" over a year cost taxpayers about $5,,411.

In December 2016, an administrative office within the Department of Corrections held an illegal raffle for charity. Tickets cost $1 and prizes included gift baskets filled with ammunition and alcohol. 

Those are just three of six examples of the fraud, waste, and abuse the state auditor included in its regular "improper governmental activities" report.

Booze, naps, and limos?! Why are we working so hard? Why don't we all work for the state?!

Since the state auditor started its whistleblower hotline in 1993, it has found improper governmental activities totaling $576.6 million.

They keep raising our taxes, and this is what we get for it. Shameful.

Click here to read more at The San Diego Union-Tribune, and click here to view the full report.

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