Heartwarming Reunion

Izzy is a 9-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.  

Izzy and her family, the Weaver's, live in Santa Rosa.

In the chaos and confusion as the huge fire raced through their neighborhood in the middle of the night, the Weaver family had to flee their home in their pajamas.

And they couldn't find Izzy to take her with them.

They were devastated, convinced that Izzy had perished in the fire.

Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law went back to their neighborhood to see what was left of the family home and because they wanted to spare their mother the heartbreak of finding Izzy's body.

The two men had to hike for miles to get to the home, which was completely destroyed.  

But as the two men got closer, they saw something moving among the debris of the home...It was Izzy!

Somehow, Izzy survived the fire and returned home to wait for his family to return.

Izzy escaped serious injury, and the family is thankful.

So many families lost their pets in this fire and so many pets have been found wandering the area with minor to very serious injuries.  Shelters and animal hospitals have taken in these pets and are caring for them and posting photos on social media to help reunite them with their lost families.

Let's hope we see many more of these reunions. 

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