Parents Leave Toddler at Corn Maze, Realize He's Gone Next Morning

A 3-year-old boy was left overnight in a corn maze and his parents didn't even notice he was gone until the next morning..

A good Samaritan found the child alone and scared at at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah.

Maze owner, Kendall Schmidt says the boy was crying and really afraid.

“It was a roller coaster, but you try not to panic. You try not to think of the worst.”

Employees walked the grounds with a bullhorn trying to find the boy's parents but he was eventually taken to an off-duty officer's car when the parent couldn't be found.

West Jordan Police Department Sergeant Joe Monson says their department is grateful the good Samaritan found the boy as temps can go as low as the 30s at night.

When it comes to the parents, he says they live in a place with multiple families and several small children.

“They left with so many and came back one less.”

Monson says an investigation is ongoing and while they receive reports of missing kids at large events, it is never for that long.

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