Road Diet: Playa Del Rey to get more lanes back

The recall effort against Councilman Mike "Bad Idea" Bonin must really be getting to him, because on Monday night he posted to Facebook announcing that lanes will be restored in Playa Del Rey.

Traffic crews will put back a single westbound lane to Jefferson and Culver boulevards. Here's what Bonin said in his Facebook post:

"We’re restoring the second westbound traffic lane on Culver and Jefferson, while preserving an area of the road to keep cyclists and pedestrians on the street safe from traffic.

I’m excited to announce that today, the Community Task Force I convened to make recommendations for how we can improve street safety in Playa del Rey while minimizing traffic impacts reached a consensus agreement to recommend an immediate restoration of the second westbound traffic lane on Jefferson and Culver. This will be as an interim measure to relieve traffic congestion while the task force continues to deliberate a more comprehensive and permanent solution that will keep people safe in Playa del Rey. The interim consensus agreement also retains the present configuration in downtown PDR, between Vista Del Mar and Nicholson.

The plan was approved after the task force listened to the concerns of small businesses in Playa del Rey regarding increased traffic, and I’m very proud of the hard work that advocates, neighbors, and business leaders on all sides of this issue have done to come to consensus on provide this quick relief to PdR businesses. This sort of buy-in from the community was what this entire Safe Streets for Playa del Rey process has been about, and I’m excited to see it progress. Within the next few weeks, crews from LADOT will re-stripe westbound Jefferson and Culver to relieve traffic heading into Playa del Rey while preserving a protected shoulder area on the roads for pedestrians and cyclists to share.

It’s my hope that this first agreement on an issue of vital importance to PdR businesses will lead to greater cooperation on all sides, and a comprehensive solution for Playa del Rey that enhances street safety and minimizes traffic congestion.

Thank you to all of the task force members who are helping make Playa del Rey a better, safer place to live, work and enjoy."

Alexis Edelstein, chairman of Recall Bonin, told the L.A. Times that the changes are only happening because Bonin is facing the recall heat:

“Bonin's latest flip-flop has less to do with a ‘community task force’ and more to do with the fact that our efforts to recall him from office are moving forward and gaining broad support."

You can click here to donate the Recall Bonin campaign.

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