Eric Garcetti's frequent travels outside California

Credit: Getty Images

According to Mayor Eric Garcetti's public calendar, he spent 112 days away from California over the last 12 months. That's 1/3 of his time.

Just in August alone, he was out of the state for 19 days vacationing in the Berkshires, meeting with firefighter union leaders in Boston, and hanging out with billionaire Ron Perelman in the Hamptons.

Prior to that, he was in Switzerland trying to get the Olympics, talked with U.S. Senators in D.C. about transportation, and bloviated about climate change with mayors in Mexico City.

Garcetti was just voted in for a second term as mayor, but he doesn't care about running the city. All he cares about is making himself look good and set himself up to run for President in 2020.

He's a phony empty suit.

While he's out scratching his beard about climate change and schmoozing with Olympics dweebs, his henchman Councilman Mike Bonin is doing his dark bidding by taking away your driving lanes and making your life hell.

L.A. leaders, especially Garcetti, are only concerned with themselves.

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