A Look at the Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room at Mandalay Bay

According to The New York Post, video and images have emerged from the Las Vegas hotel suite where Stephen Paddock unleashed a firestorm of bullets on concertgoers below on Sunday night.

It took police 72 minutes to pinpoint Paddock and the room he was staying in on the 32nd floor in the extremely large Mandalay Bay Resort.

In the footage, obtained by The Post, an assault rifle is seen resting on a bi-pod on the floor through the breached door.  You can see criss-crossed yellow crime-scene tape, and a marker with the number 19 is right beside the weapon.

The rifle is one of 23 that authorities found, along with the dead body of Paddock.  Other weapons found at the scene include an AR-15 and an AK-47, as well as four Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles, and three FN-15s according to reports.

Some of these weapons had scopes and military-grade ammo. One of the guns was equipped with a “bump-stock” to make the gun fully automatic. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Some of the weapons may have been converted to fully automatic, according to reports. Automatic weapons have been banned for civilian use since the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986.

In a newly revealed image obtained by Boston 25, “two other assault rifles Paddock used to massacre 59 people are seen lying on the floor in the corner suite, amid dozens of spent cartridges”.

Paddock had managed to bring the arsenal into the hotel room in 10 suitcases after checking in on Thursday without arousing any suspicion.

According to The Daily Mail, photos also show dozens of spent shells and a hammer used to shatter windows in hotel room. 

Police officials stated that Paddock also had 19 other guns, as well as explosives, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and as-yet-undetermined electronic devices, back at his Mesquite home. 

Investigators are continuing to investigate the shooting at the Resort and Casino. 

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