A Couple in Australia Got Married at Costco Over the Weekend

When looking at venues, most people look at churches, beaches, maybe even catering halls. This couple, on the other hand, decided to get married at their home away from home; Costco. 

An Australian couple exchanged their vows in front of the exchange counter at their local Costco wholesale store on Saturday. Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob are Costco lovers, and wanted to cut down on costs for the ceremony, according to Today News.  

"Due to being (our) second marriages, we both had done the formal biggish fancy stuff," Berkeley said. "Anywhere you are you can be surrounded by God — doesn't have to be in church — and being in public is a way to publicly declare our love for each other."

Berkeley’s adult sons Josh, 21, and Adam, 24 said in response, "Mom, you're a bit strange, but we love you”. 

The idea allegedly started as a joke from a friend who thought Berkeley spent too much of her time at the wholesale store. The friend asked a staffer about the possibility of holding the nuptials there, and management took it straight to the Australian corporate office.

Not only was the ceremony in-store, but the Costco team also set up tables for 90 guests in the middle of the food court, and added a special multi-part cake complete with the store logo in icing.

That wasn’t it for food, though. Wedding guests also were able to get Costco pizza, hot dogs and pie. And for one day only,  the store brought back Berkeley's favorite delicacy, the "bulgogi bake," dough pockets stuffed with Korean BBQ meat, which hasn’t been sold in years.   

According to Today, all of that food rang up to the daily special price of just $10 a head.

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