Capistrano, OC Parents Warned of Tainted Flutes

The Capistrano Unified School District warned parents Friday that an individual who provided music education at a number of campuses - may have distributed to children homemade flutes constructed of PVC pipe that were "inappropriately contaminated" with his bodily fluids.

The individual, who was not publicly identified, is not a District employee, rather, an individual who, "may have provided music education and programs at some of our school sites, other venues throughout Orange County and at school districts throughout Southern California."

The warning was confirmed by District spokesman Ryan Burris, who told KFI NEWS late Friday officials were trying to identify the specific school sites the individual visited.

The District provided the photo above to illustrate what the flutes look like.

Burris said the District was notified by the California Department of Justice, which is conducting a criminal investigation of the individual.

The District told parents:

In an abundance of caution, we are asking  all families who may have had children participate in this type of  program either at school or within the community to remove these flutes  from your child’s possession and place them in a sealed paper  bag. The District is working with law enforcement to determine how they  wish to have these collected, should they need them for additional  evidence.Please do not bring these items to your school site.

The District is advised that it is not dangerous for you to keep these flutes in a sealedpaper bag, but it would be inappropriate and unsanitary for your child to continue to have contact with it.

We understand this is deeply upsetting to our families and that you  may be seeking more details than we can provide. The California  Department of Justice and the US Postal Inspection Service are  continuing their investigation and we are not able to provide further  details until they conclude this matter.

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