California Pot Sales May Not Be Legal Everywhere On January 1st

Marijuana Cultivation Center In Nevada Ramps Up Production As State Legalizes Recreation Use Of Weed

Photo Credit: Getty Images

California cannabis proponents may have to look around a bit to find pot to buy on January 1st.  Proposition 64's approval made recreational marijuana legal in the Golden State, effective when 2018 rolls around.  However, it's up to local governments to sort out the details.  

"The Cannifornian" reports that two of the state's biggest cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, probably won't have their regulations ironed out by New Year's Day.  San Diego is on track, with a City Council vote scheduled for Tuesday.  Coachella, Palm Springs, Bellflower, Santa Ana and Eureka are also planning to update their laws by the end of the year.

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