Texas Attorney General asking residents to rat out 'sanctuary cities'

Credit: Getty Images

Earlier this week Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked residents to start ratting out cities and counties that refuse to go along with the state's revived anti-sanctuary law.

A federal appeals court said Texas could require localities to comply with detainer requests from ICE, asking that illegal aliens be held for pickup at the behest of a federal deportation officer.

Paxton said:

“By enforcing the key provisions of SB 4, we will prevent dangerous criminals from being released back into our Texas communities."

Paxton has also set up a website to gather complaints. The complaints come with sworn statements laying out the facts of the alleged violation.

Of course there are plenty of groups in Texas who say SB 4 is "racist" and an attack on immigrants. Julieta Garibay, co-founder of United We Dream, said:

“SB4 is the work of right-wing Texas politicians to further a white supremacist agenda to terrorize, detain, deport, incarcerate and separate families of color across Texas."

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