Video Released Shows Violent Encounter Before Fatal Police Shooting

A new video surfaced showing what happened minutes before a fatal officer involved shooting.

The below video shows the events leading up to a Huntington Beach officer shooting and killing a suspect.


Previous versions of the videos released didn't show much of the encounter before the shooting, this one starting with a man walking towards the officer who has a weapon drawn.

The video shows the officer backing up and asking the man to stop but instead he advances and takes a few swings.

The officer grabs the man, puts him in a headlock as both fall to the ground and continue to fights.

The man grabs something from the officer's belt as the policeman backs away and eventually fires the fatal shots.

Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy says the officer's actions were totally justified.

“Clearly, the suspect was resisting. Clearly, this person was attacking our officer.”

The shooting is still under investigation.

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