Report: California Districts In Violation Of Drinking Water Regulations

Photo Credit: Getty Images

More than 1,700 water districts in California violated drinking water regulations last year. That's according to Andrew DiLuccia, a spokesperson for the California State Water Resources Control Board. DiLuccia says despite the violations, the majority of Californians shouldn't worry about their water. 

"The majority of Californians get water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards. 

The report showed nearly 5,000 separate violations for the districts scattered all over the Golden state. Violations included things as innucuous as incorrectly filing reports, to violations of the total coliform rule, which is an indicator of other contaminations like E. coli. 

"We always encourage residents to reach out to their water systems if they have any concerns. They're also notified annually through their consumer confidence report that their water system is required to send to them every year." 

A website run by the state water board allows residents the ability to check the history of their water system compliance. 

"Human Right to Water Portal, where residents can log in and find their water system and look and see if their water system is in compliance." 

DiLuccia says residents should contact their water service provider if they have any concerns about the quality of their water. 

"It brings awareness that the water system needs to double-check and resample. And if there is an area where it's continuing, why is that happening." 

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