Teacher Who Stopped School Shooter 'Is Chuck Norris, Basically'

Angela McQueen   Photo Credit: (Mattoon High School)

"Lives were saved by a quick response of a teacher here," CNN quotes Mattoon Police Chief Jeff Branson as saying after a student opened fire at an Illinois high school on Wednesday. "If that teacher had not responded as quickly as they had, I think the situation would have been a lot different." Now the teacher has been identified as Angela McQueen. 

According to CBS News, McQueen teaches math and PE and has been at Mattoon High School for more than a decade. When an unidentified 16-year-old student allegedly opened fire in the school cafeteria, witnesses say McQueen did exactly as she was taught in recent active shooter training, grabbing the shooter's arm to take away his ability to aim—he fired multiple shots into the ceiling after McQueen grabbed him—and taking him to the ground. The student was then disarmed by a school resource officer.

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