Housing Costs, Wage Stagnation Making Some Consider Leaving California

A recent poll from UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies said more than half of all California voters are ready to leave the state over the high price of housing. 

But according to Rod Brown, a Sacramento-based broker, it isn't just the high rents that are forcing people to consider moving out-of-state. It's also the lack of wage increases for workers. 

"We have more and more people that would love to buy if there was inventory available, and if they could qualify. And a large part of that is because wages have not gone up as quickly as home prices have." 

Sacramento is one of the most expensive real estate markets along with San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles. The poll from UC Berkeley also found that nearly 60% of voters support rent control and that nearly 48% of voters believe the housing affordability problem in the state to be "extremely serious." 

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