Firefighters Rescue Kitten in Car During a 100 Mile Trip

San Miguel firefighters rescued a kitten stuck in the engine of a Lexus during a 100-mile drive through Southern California.

The car owner, Adrienne Koroly says he heard a cat meowing in his car after he made the trip from his home in Morena Valley to his parents in Spring Valley.

For three days, he and his family tried to get the kitten out of the car but to no avail.

Eventually Koroly said he went to the San Miguel Fire Station to ask for help where they saw the cat was lodged under the engine.

They used airbags to lift the car and had to disassemble a few parts to get the tiny gray, white and black feral kitten out.

San Diego County Animal Services gave the kitten, which firefighters named ‘Lexus’ after the car it was stuck in a clean bill of health.

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