Armed Robbery Suspect May Sue Good Samaritan Who Stopped Him

A good Samaritan who stepped in to stop an armed robbery at a Fresno Starbucks may be sued by the suspect he stopped.

The mother of the suspect says the Samaritan, Craig Jerri, went too far and nearly killed her son Ryan Flores.

She says he nearly died from knife wounds dealt during the struggle.

Video of the encounter is below ***GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING***

Surveillance video from the Starbucks allegedly shows Flores in a Transformers mask with a gun attempting to rob the store.

He apparently also used a knife to threaten the barista at the counter.

Jerri is also seen in the store, comes up from behind Flores and hits him with a chair.

The two struggle and eventually wrestle to the ground.

Police say during the struggle Flores stabbed Jerri and eventually Jerri got the knife out of his hands and stabbed Flores multiple times.

Flores' mom claims her son almost died from the wounds and are considering a lawsuit against Jerri for excessive force.

Flores has been charged with second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

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