Liza Tucker Talks the Firing of LADWP’s Official Watchdog

Liza Tucker, a consumer advocate for Consumer Watchdog, is joining John and Ken at 4PM to discuss the proposed firing of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s official watchdog.

People rallied outside Los Angeles City Hall Monday hoping to push the firing of the Fred Pickel, who is considered responsible for fighting the interests of Department of Water and Power customers.

The Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Concerned Citizens of Compton, and Southern California Watershed Alliance were in attendance amongst many other groups.

Consumer Watchdog also published a video Monday on the LA City Council to “Can The Pickel” striving to replace the ratepayer representative with one who is more concerned with protecting ratepayers.

Pickle is known for being behind many disastrous plans, such as the 2013 new billing software that misbilled customers at least $67.5 million, “despite being warned internally that the system was not ready for prime time” according to Consumer Watchdog.

He also “authored a failed ballot measure” last year, which exempted the DWP from city oversight on rate hikes. In the process, Pickel managed to slip in a new 5-year contract and a raise for himself, without publicly disclosing it.

According to The Daily News, City Council representatives can be asked to fire Pickel via

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