iOS 11 To Be Released Today; A Look at the New Features

Apple will be releasing their newest ios software sometime later today for all iPhone, iPads, and Apple watches, and people are anxiously waiting to see what features will come with this software drop.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced the release date back in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but as of now, the specific time of when the software will go live today has not been announced.

So, what do we know we can look forward to with this new ios 11 update?

Cook was featured on Good Morning America, Tuesday, and talked excitedly about the new augmented reality feature. He said the AR feature of iOS 11 will be a "huge addition to the iPhone and iPad ecosystem” and will be "unbelievable" for users.

“This is huge because it's the first time that hundreds of millions of customers will be able to use AR for the first time. So we're bringing it to mainstream, if you've got an iPhone 6s or later, you have augmented reality today,” Cook said during the interview.

But that’s not all. Business Insider notes the devices’ Control Center has been restructured and can be easily redesigned so consumers can view their most used settings when they swipe up. The App store has also gone through a facelift, and the creation of the new "Storage Optimisation" feature will help people to clear up space on their device.

MacRumors, a website that aggregates Mac and Apple-related news, reported about the new “Drag and Drop” feature. It will allow the user to physically drag content such as images, contact information, and links from one app to another. There's also a new Finder-style Files app for managing important and larger files.

Users should also be ready to find new keyboard features, like “a one-handed keyboard on the iPhone, and a "Flick" option for typing numbers and symbols more quickly on the iPad”.

CBS mentions the new “Do Not Disturb” feature that will impact those driving, which will mute notifications while a vehicle is in motion.

A feature that has gotten a lot of coverage has been the newest Venmo-style Apple Pay payments feature. According to CBS, Apple Pay users will be able to send and receive money right in iMessages, while using a credit or debit card they have stored in their Wallet app. When receiving payment, it will be on their new “Apple Pay Cash Card” in the Wallet app. Funds will be ready to use instantly.

The release of the Apple Pay feature initially planned for the iOS 11 launch, has been delayed. But, Apple says it is "coming this fall”.

Siri will also be improved upon, noting that the personal assistant will now be able to translate several languages, from English to Mandarin, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Siri will use “on-device learning to deliver more personal experiences," Apple says, offering closer and better suggestions based on articles you read, your web searches, messages and more.

According to MacRumors, iOS 11 will run on all devices that have an A7 chip or better, including the iPhone 5s and later, the iPad mini 2 and later, the iPad Air and later, all iPad Pro models, and the sixth-generation iPod touch.

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