Health Officials in L.A. Working to Keep Hepatitis A From Spreading

After a hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego killed 16 people, health officials in Los Angeles are trying to do more to prevent it from spreading among the homeless. 

"That is one of the major communities we see being affected in places like San Diego and Santa Cruz. That's an area that we've been targeting." 

In response to the outbreak, San Diego city leaders ramped up its battle against the disease by opening up new public bathrooms, adding security cameras, and adding three new shelters to help the homeless transition off the street and into permanent housing. 

Sarah Curian at the L.A. County Health Department says here in Los Angeles, medical workers are going out to encampments as part of a education drive. 

"We're providing education and vaccinations to the homeless here in L.A. County and also to those who work with them."

The outbreak in San Diego County is one of the worst in decades. Hepatitis A is transmitted through feces and contaminated foods. Curian says people should avoid sharing towels, toothbrushes and smokes. 

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