Tennessee Town Tries to Ban Drag, Queens Rally in Response

After the city of Portland, Tennessee tried to ban drag shows, drag queens are banning together to rally against the shut down.

The small city recently passed the first draft of an ordinance amendment on "adult-oriented businesses" that would basically prohibit Elite Drag Star Productions from holding drag shows.

One of the owners Kyle Guillermo says the ordinance was a response to a show they put on for the first time last month calling them an "adult cabaret".

“Shortly after that, we received hate mail on Facebook. People are trying to get us out of Portland....That’s not what we do. We are drag queens, we are not taking our clothes off. We are not cabaret.

Guillermo has stressed that the planned rally isn't a protest...

"We just want to get our voices heard. It’s a support rally. We are just asking people to come support us.”

"Join Elite Productions as we take a stand against hate, discrimination and fight to be able to perform at Envy Bar & Restaurant. Come speak out and let your voice be heard in front of city council. Show your love and support for Elite and Envy as it’s time for a change and it’s time to be heard.”

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