Saturn Gives Cassini a Farewell Soundtrack

As NASA's Cassini spacecraft prepares for its mission ending crash, astrophysicists have created a soundtrack by converting the gravitational tugs of Saturn into music.

Postdoctoral researcher Matt Russo says the pulls happen when the different moons and other objects orbiting the planet "exert rhythmic pulls on each other in passing."

"Wherever there is resonance there is music, and no other place in the solar system is more packed with resonances than Saturn."

University of Toronto astrophysicist Dan Tamayo says the music was made by "using the frequencies of Saturn's six largest inner moons shifted into human hearing range to lay down a beat." 

"Saturn's magnificent rings act like a sounding board that launches waves at locations that harmonize with the planet's many moons, and some pairs of moons are themselves locked in resonances."

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