Girl who stabbed classmate 19 times was "lonely"

Anissa Weier is accused of luring a 12 year-old classmate into the woods, where she would be stabbed 19 times, almost killing her.

What we know

Weier's attorney is now arguing that Weier was mentally unstable at the time of the attack, and therefore belongs in psychiatric care, not prison.

Initially, Weier claimed that she committed the heinous crime in order to please a horror video game character known as "Slender Man."  

Slender Man?

Slender Man is the central character of an immensely popular horror video game downloaded and played by millions:

Weier's attorney states that her client was "lonely" and "depressed" and had "delved into madness" at the time of the stabbings.  Furthermore, the crime was perpetrated not by Weier alone, but with another 12 year-old female classmate, Morgan Geyser.

Weier and Geyser had become obsessed with the game and developed a shared delusional disorder.  

Watch the original news report here:

Read more about the case and the girls' purported mental conditions over at the Guardian.

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