Cops Begin Patrolling Homeless Encampment Near Angel Stadium

Cops in Orange County have started daily patrols along the Santa Ana River where a large homeless encampment exists. O.C. Sheriff Capt. Dave Sawyer says, the focus of the daily patrols will be on the criminals who live there. 

"We are down here addressing the criminal element that we know exists in the riverbed, but we still will maintain our services for outreach. 

Sawyer says several agencies are assisting with the daily patrols. 

"Today we have probably 15 deputy sheriffs down here. We're also being assisted by Orange County Probation, we're being assisted by the Anaheim Police Department, and the Orange Police Department." 

Orange County Supervisors voted earlier this week to add the daily police patrols at the encampment after a series of complaints from residents in the area. The city of Anaheim has a separate plan that calls for the encampment to be completely cleared out. 

About 450 people live in tents along the bike trail. Some say they look forward to the increased patrols. 

"There's lots of drugs, and theft. But that's anywhere you go." 

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