83 Year Old Pushes Man off Roof to End Standoff

A man in La Puente who evaded police for hours was finally captured after he was roof hopping.

The standoff ended when the suspect landed on 83-year-old Wilford Burgess' roof and was oushed off by the grandfather.

It started when LA County Sheriff's deputies received a call that someone was being followed and from there they discovered a man jumping from one roof to another as he fled from police.

As the suspect hopped around, a crisis negotiator was brought to the scene and tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to come down.

When he landed on Burgess' roof, enough was enough and took matters into his own hands.

"He wasn’t staying in one place. He’d be on one edge and then around on the other parts...He’d been up there too long. I figured ... if they can’t get him off, I can."

Burgess' grandaughter, Ashley Wrenn, recorded him climbing up the roof, talking to the suspect and eventually pushing him off the roof to officers below.

"He's like the strongest person in our family. I mean, he keeps us all together ... it wasn't a surprise to us. That's papa."

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