Video: Plane Cheers On as Man Chokes Out Unruly Passenger

A drunk passenger was put in a choke-hold mid-flight as fellow travelers cheered on.

The video was recorded by passenger Dean Whiteside who said the 22 year old man had been causing problems during the entire flight.

“He was making a nuisance of himself. Over the course of the flight he was singing loudly with his headphones on. It was a late flight, everyone was tired and he was rubbing people up the wrong way...The stewardess spent about an hour telling him, ‘You’re going to need to be quiet or I’ll call the police.’”

The passenger refused to be quiet and eventually tried to push his way past a cabin crew member before telling them to "Get out of my face."

The hero of the story, a gray haired man leapt up out of his seat and put the rowdy man in a choke-hold so strong, he fell to the floor unconscious.

The rest of the cabin breaks out into applause on the side of the gray haired man who shouted "Citizen's arrest!" as he took down the drunk.

Police were called upon landing and the young man was arrested on suspicion of common assault and being drunk on an aircraft.

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