An 8.2 SoCal quake would be much worse than Mexico

Scientists say that an 8.2 earthquake such as that which hit Mexico last week could be coming to Southern California.

If you were born before the 1990s, you probably remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake.  You therefore have an idea of what to expect, and you also know what kind of damage these quakes can cause.  1994 brought us a tremor which registered 6.7 in intensity, which, when compared to those we see across the globe, seems strong, to be sure, but no 8.2.

Interestingly enough, the effects of the Chiapas Mexico earthquake were more or less akin to what Angelinos experienced over two decades ago in 94.  The animation below shows the ominous path of the San Andreas:

An 8.2 along the San Andreas Fault would cause catastrophic damage.  The quake in Mexico took place off the western coast, which prevented it from causing maximum damage on the mainland.  The proximity of the San Andreas Fault to densely populated areas in Southern California would almost ensure a disaster the likes of which we haven't seen in recorded history.

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