Deputies terrorize inmates, facilitate fecal toss

Unsettling news coming out of the San Francisco Bay area, as four California sherrif's deputies are facing allegations that they have been violently abusing inmates both physically and mentally.

Specifics of the accusations detail how the deputies sadistically pitted inmates against each other, continually egging them on to fight, or even attack each other with their own human excrement.

Several accounts of premeditated feces or urine "throwing" attacks have been reported by witnesses and victims.

“It’s indicative of the culture of harm, carelessness, neglect and dehumanization...Deputies pitting prisoners against each other is definitely not surprising to us.” Tash Nguyen, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

When victims tried to complain about the attacks, they were met with laughs and humiliation, and the reports were not taken seriously.  

This is not the first time San Francisco area deputies have enticed prisoners to fight each other.  Last year, reports of a sheriff's deputy operating an inmate fight club also came to light.

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