California Officials React To Trump's Decision To End DACA Program

Political leaders across California are firing back at President Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - or DACA - a program that protects young illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. 

Senate Leader Kevin de Leon called Trump's decision "morally wrong" saying that the president's words about showing "heart" when dealing with Dreamers were disingenuous and empty. 

"It showed callousness and cowardlyness. He didn't even have the courage to face the cameras himself," de Leon said. 

Thousands of people demonstrated outside L.A.'s City Hall on Tuesday, showing their disappointment in the administration's decision. Activists say they plan on doing far more than just demonstrate and march in support of DACA. One woman said she's going to fight the decision in every way she can. 

"I will carry these tears throughout this long fight, throughout this long journey because we will rise." 

Mayor Garcetti called President Trump's decision anti-America. 

"America at its best doesn't divide itself. And we know our fate is tied together." 

Senators Dianne Fienstein and Kamala Harris called on their colleagues to enact permanent protections for Dreamers to keep them from deportation. Elected officials say they're looking at any legal options that could help Dreamers remain in the country. 

About 800,000 people are covered by DACA which includes more than 220,000 in California alone. 

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