Rapping Nun will Sing to Pope in Colombia

A nun will perform a song for Pope Francis during his visit to Colombia.

However, Sister Maria Valentina de los Angeles won't be singing a traditional hymn...she'll be rapping!

She is one of the artists performing “Let’s Take The First Step.”

Francis' visit to Colombia is scheduled to start tomorrow through September 11th and the trip includes visits to the cities of Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín, and Cartagena.

Her rap includes lyrics like “Colombia welcomes you with open arms,” and “With one voice happily we say to you: blessed be God, who in his wisdom has brought you to our land to be its guide.”

While Maria Valentina loves rap, her passion is her faith.

“My dream is to be a good nun, making music is a second dream...I want to make more recordings, but more than making people fall in love with my voice, I want to make them fall in [love] with Jesus.”

Check out more of her performances below!

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