Chevy Dealership Employee Busted Taking Customer's Car to Tommy's

A Montebello Chevrolet dealership employee took a customer's limited edition Camaro on a joy ride to Tommy's.

Mari Agredano-Quirino says she and her husband dropped the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Edition Camaro at the dealership and later saw it speeding up and down the street.

The two eventually caught up to the vehicle at a Tommy's drive thru and saw a dealership employee in the driver's seat.

Quirino confronted the driver after saying it was "heart-wrenching" to see her car out like that.

"As soon as I said dealership, his eyes got wide open and he turned white as snow." 

After confronting the driver, the couple went back to the dealership and were told their car wasn't able to be found.

The dealership's owner, Chris Teague, took to Facebook to address the incident and offered Quirino money as compensation for the incident, but she turned it down.

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