You'll Never Guess What This Man Had Sex With...

Michael Bessigano is asking an Indiana court to sterilize him instead of keeping him in prison.

Why would he need to be sterilized?



Bessigano was first arrested in 1993 after he had sex with and murdered a Rottweiler.  He served two years for those crimes.

Then, in 2002, he was sentenced to four years after he had sex with a chicken.

It was because of this case that Indiana decided to create a law making sex with animals a crime.

(Let that sink in.  There is a sex crime law because of this man.)

In 2009, he admitted to downloading bestiality porn.

Then (yes, there is more) in 2013, he sexually abused and killed a guinea fowl.  He pleaded guilty to this and was sentenced to seven and a half years.

Now, Bessigano is asking for chemical castration through a testosterone-reducing drug in a bid to get out of prison early.

Jennifer Soble, Bessigano's attorney, said, "Mr. Bessigano poses no risk of harm whatsoever to the human members of his community."

She added that his actions were "motivated by sexual desire, not by sadism or any desire to hurt animals."


There was no intent to hurt the animals?! 

There was no intent to hurt that Rottweiler when he KILLED IT?!?!

Read the full story at The Sun

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