YouTube Star Lives in Cage to Raise Money for Charity

During a SoCal heat wave, a YouTube star is taking charity to the next level.

Elton Castee has trapped himself inside a SPCA Los Angeles cage to raise money for the shelter.

"I don't leave under any circumstance. I have a little hole back there. That's where I do my privacy stuff - bathroom and changing all that."

Castee chose the SPCA as he adopted a dog from them years ago and when his furry friend died last year he wanted to give back to the organization that gave him his best friend.

The stunt is paying off as he has raised over $100,000 for the shelter and says he will stay to raise another $50,000 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"I just figured now that I have a growing social media presence, I'd like to see what I can really do, you know a positive way."

The entire thing is being streamed live on YouTube as thousands of his fans watch him live the kennel life.

Check it out below:

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