Father Arrested by ICE While Dropping Daughter off at School Released

The man featured in a high-profile deportation case has been released to his family in East L.A.. Lawyer Alan Diamonte says his client, Romulo Avelica Gonzalez has lived in the U.S. for more than twenty-five years. He said that his client's daughter helped spread the word about the case. 

"I gotta give a lot of credit to Fatima, that recorded the incident of his arrest which went viral." 

Gonzalez is a Mexican national who was taken into custody back in February while dropping his daughters off at school. Fatima recorded the arrest and posted it online where it quickly went viral giving a face to a national conversation about immigration. 

For her part, Fatima told the media that she's glad to have her father back. "I feel happy and anxious that I'm finally going to have my dad back with me." 

Gonzalez's release doesn't mean he's free and clear at the moment.  It will be up to an immigration judge to determine whether Gonzalez will be able to stay in the U.S.. However, officials say that it may take years before a judge can hear his case thanks to the backlog of immigration cases in the state. 

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