Dog Spotted Carrying Entire Bag of Dog Food after Hurricane Harvey

A dog in Texas was spotted carrying a giant bag of dog food following the damage of Hurricane Harvey.

The German shepherd mix named Otis was seen walking around Sinton, Texas after escaping the watch of 65-year-old Salvador Segovia, who was looking after the dog for his 5-year-old grandson.

He drove around the neighborhood looking for the dog when a neighbor stopped him and said they saw Otis stocking up on some food.

A photo of Otis carrying the food bag to was posted by Tiele Dockens to her Facebook on Saturday, where it had more than 30,000 shares.

The backstory behind the photo gets better as it's been discovered that Otis is a looter.

His family says when he ran away during the storm he charged off to his favorite hangout, the local lumber yard.

Segovia says the employees keep a bag of dog food on hand especially for Otis.

"But he knew where they kept that bag behind the ice machine, so he went back there and he spotted it and he said, 'well, everybody else is taking provisions, so I'm going to take my provisions.' So he picked it up and brought it over here. And that's where everyone saw him coming down the road with a big bag of dog food." 

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