Port of LA Installs New Security Measures Following Pursuit

Extra layers of security have been added to the Port of LA after a man sped into the port last week, climbed up a crane and then fell to his death. Port Executive Director Gene Seroka says the incident was a wake-up call for the port's security. 

"While some might define this as random, it's a call to action. And we are answering the bell." 

According to port officials, the man was able to gain entry to the port thanks to a shift change of longshore labor. 

Port Port Police Chief Tom Gaszi says the balance between security and port operations can be delicate. 

"There's always a balance between the security measures and the ability to get facilities services by labor, getting labor on site," Gazi told KFI's Kris Ankarlo.

Some of the new temporary measures installed include guards posted to manually open and close gates, and the placement of k-rails at checkpoints. Seroka says the port is now evaluating long term security upgrades.

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