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A Milwaukee high school student has been arrested after allegedly punching a teacher several times in the head.

Video shows the 16-year-old male student punch the teacher in the head, who immediately falls to the ground.  The student then stands over the teacher and continues to punch him in the head multiple times.

The teacher's injuries have been determined to be not life-threatening.

Milwaukee Public Schools said that students that violate the code of conduct may face disciplinary action such as expulsion.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will review the incident for a possible charge of battery to a school district official.

Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Terry Witkowski have both called for criminal charges and for the student's expulsion.

Witkowski said the incident likely points to a larger issue.

He said, "Sadly, the violence captured on the video did not just germinate out of thin air – it was behavior likely learned, seen and experienced close to home."

Reggie Moore, the city's director of the Office of Violence Prevention, also commented on the larger implications of the incident.  He noted that the other students in the classroom that either sat back and watched, or even laughed at the situation, did so because of their previous experiences with trauma.

Read the full story at USA Today

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