Dog Owners to Protest Alt-Right Rally with Dog Poop

An alt-right rally planned for the weekend is going to be met with some...uh...unusual counter measures.

San Francisco dog owners are planning to disrupt a "Patriot Prayer" event tomorrow by letting their pups poo on the meet site, Crissy Field.

Organizer Terrence Ryan says he was inspired while walking his dogs and thinking about the recent violence in Charlottesville and the state of mind in America.

“I just had this vision in my head about a bunch of alt-right people running around in a field of poop. I made the event as a joke for my friends, but it quickly spiraled out of control.”

A Facebook event page was created for “Leave your dog poop on Crissy Field”, which encourages people to “Take your dog to Crissy Field and let them do their business and be sure not to clean it up!” 

Some of the commentators enjoyed the idea as a non-violent way to express their disapproval over the white-nationalist meet up.

Others said the idea was juvenile and disrespectful to others there to enjoy the park and to the employees who have to do the cleanup.

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