New IPA From Lagunitas Doesn't Just Smell Like Weed - It Contains Cannabis

In what is surely an effort to make every hipster's head in Silver Lake explode, Lagunitas has unveiled a new IPA that contains cannabis extracts. 

Petaluma's Lagunitas Brewery teamed up with Santa Rosa's Cannacraft to create a brand new IPA they call SuperCritical Ale. The cannabis infused product contains terpenes, an ingredient in cannabis that gives the plant its distinctive taste and aromas, but doesn't contain the THC that triggers the marijuana high.

Both cannabis and hops are members of the same family of flowering plants, and both rely on terpenes. Breweries have attempted to mimic the taste of THC in beer before, but this is the first IPA to be brewed with actual marijuana extracts. 

The IPA will be available in California - and only for a limited time. But fear not craft brew lovers, if you're looking to toke on something that tastes like beer, you're in luck. In a few weeks, Cannacraft plans to roll out a hops-infused marijuana vapor pen that will have a beer-like aroma and contain THC. 

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