Crazy Video of Car Repo Going Terribly Wrong In Compton

A tow truck driver was just trying to repossess a car.  

Little did he know that the owner of the car was ready to fight for his vehicle.

The tow truck driver was hooking up the vehicle on a street in Compton due to non-payment.  At this time, the registered owner came outside and confronted the tow truck driver.

The tow truck driver hopped in his vehicle and attempted to escape the situation, only to have the vehicle owner jump on the back of the truck and try to unhook the car.

That is when Brittany McDonald and James Harris came across the situation and began recording it.

McDonald said, "I just looked in the rear view mirror and saw black smoke and a guy rolling on the street. ... I didn't know what was going on."

Harris said, "He flipped off and chased him two or three blocks and somebody must have given him a ride and caught up to him."

The tow truck driver drug the car and the vehicle owner through the streets for over 10 minutes.  At one point, the vehicle owner broke out the back window of the tow truck.

McDonald said, "A blessing nobody did get hit.. cars had to swerve and the car was spinning and people ran into trash cans parked on the side of the road. It was crazy. We were following, the tires actually came off ... we ran over tires as we recorded the video ... it was a sight to see."

Sheriff's deputies ultimately pulled over the truck and questioned both men.  Neither were arrested, but they are considering vandalism charges against the vehicle owner.

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