Residents in Playa del Rey Have Quit Their Road Diet

Residents in Play del Rey are breathing a sigh of relief after some congestion cleared up. Crews began work yesterday to restore lanes on Vista del Mar that had been taken away as part of the city's 'road diet' plan. One woman who lives in the area told KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck that the so-called 'road diet' spoiled their neighborhood. 

"This is one of the few areas left where there isn't a lot of congestion, and why bring congestion to us?" 

Some drivers said the lane reduction caused their commutes to increase by almost an hour in each direction.

Once the roads are restored, Vista del Mar will have two lanes in each direction again. Some residents say the fight isn't over with yet. They want to get rid of bike paths on other roads.

"Providing all of this for bike riders when we're in Los Angeles with all these crowded people, it's ridiculous." 

Work on Vista del Mar will be completed in a few weeks.

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