Instagram Vigilante Has Bicyclists Worried

A new trend is sweeping across Orange County and bicyclists are feeling very threatened by it.

It is the "butt dart."

When it comes down to it, all the "butt dart" trend consists of is people pointing a finger gun at passing bicyclists and making a shooting noise.

The stunt was started by Chad Towersey, who's video is posted above.

Towersey said he performed and posted the stunt in order to promote safe cycling.

In one of his posts, he wrote, "Please ride safe and obey the rules of the road — That is all we ask."

A law firm is now considering filing a lawsuit against Towersey, but law enforcement says the "butt dart" act, alone, is not illegal.  

California Highway Patrol officer Josh Nelson said it isn't very practical to cite people for yelling, because nearly everyone would be in violation.

Newport Beach police spokeswoman Jennifer Manzella maintained that it would be very hard to cite or proseucte anyone for the "butt dart" stunt.

She said, "There are very specific violations of a law that has to take place in order for a criminal report.  There are a lot of acts that may fall short of that."

However, she did urge people to reach out to the police if they fear that a situation may escalate.

She said, "We can send officers to intervene before it escalates."

Read the full story at The Orange County Register

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